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About us

We have built a creative advertising agency based in Kent, England. Recently we acquired offices in the center of Thessaloniki in Greece, having the aim to strengthen the Greek entrepreneurship. Our team consists of designers, developers and marketers from diverse backgrounds and experience. We share our passion to solve difficult problems with the use of graphic tools, programming and, of course, incredibly hard work.

We love creating fun digital projects.

What we do

The true question is, what we don’t do. In fact, we specialize in the development of projects on the Internet and graphic arts. Our team helps you make your product attractive and innovative and introduce it to your audience.

What we believe

A company without philosophy is like a ship without a compass. The great challenge is to develop a creative "playground" rather than a productive factory. Our philosophy is simple: happy people create successful digital projects. We are really lucky to work with creative minds from different cultures and countries in both of our offices. But we are even more fortunate that these creative minds see themselves as a part of the larger group of CupCode.

How we work

Think of us as an entity, a group. There is a very beautiful story behind, about how we met and how all this started. We learned to work together, communicate, evolve and trust each other. One of the greatest basketball players of all time, Michael Jordan, said, "Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships." Our method is innovative and we enjoy it as well. So you should know that every day we explore innovative ideas, carry out meetings, plan and develop. This is the way we work and we really enjoy it :)